Setting up Departure Alerts

Departure alerts let you know what time you will need to leave to reach your destination at a desired time.

Let's say you want to arrive at work at 9AM each weekday.  Creating a departure alert will calculate how much traffic is on your route and let you know when to leave so as to arrive at work at 9AM.  Let's create one:

From the menu, tap DEPARTURE ALERTS.  Select the destination you would like to create a route for by tapping on it.  We want this to notify us when to leave for work on weekdays so tap WEEKDAYS.  Then we set the arrival time for 9:00AM and tap SAVE.  Tap NEXT in the upper right and you will be prompted to put in your departure location. 

NOTE:  Using your Current Location in this step will only save info for where your phone is at that moment and it will not follow you around.  This is a current limitation of the app.

Once you have selected a deperture location please tap SAVE.

You can now turn the Departure Alert on/off under DEPARTURE ALERTS on the app's menu.
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    carla sabotta

    I can't find this feature in the app. I have the Windows phone version

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