Reporting/Confirming/Clearing an Incident

To report an incident you will need to have the full map on your screen where you can see the five buttons at the bottom.  The button in the lower-left with the exclamation point (!) is the Report Incident button.  Tap that and you can report Police activity, an Accident, a Hazard or Construction activity.  The last thing you can report is that the traffic color on our map is wrong.

When you tap on an Incident icon on the map a box will appear and you will have the option to confirm the incident by tapping CONFIRM.  You can also clear the incident if it is no longer present by tapping ALL CLEAR.

The incident reporting/confirming/clearing radius is two miles.  This helps us cut down on falsely reported incidents. 
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    In Tuscaloosa, AL the construction reported @ 21st Avenue/ Kicker Road is over & the bridge is open for traffic.
    Additionally, AL 215 has been rerouted/redesignated starting @ University Blvd. & Veteran's Memorial Parkway in East Tuscaloosa to I-359 using Veteran's Memorial .Parkway/15th Street through Greensboro I-359

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