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When you contact us for help, please include what kind of device you are using and be as specific as possible in describing what it is you're experiencing.  This will help our support staff resolve any issues faster.

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    Louis DeMatteo

    I am using a Motorola Raz Max HD android. I wish this app would remember my zoom setting. Everytime I'm using app and have to navigate away to answer a call and then come back to it. I'm in outer space again which is useless and have to zoom in again....and again......and again. Frustrating.

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    Peter Gomola

    Dear INRIX,

    I am a Mercedes-benz owner and i have just learnt about the MB apps in which it seems that your company provides the Traffic data and speed cameras locations. therefore I would love to learn how to activate sound notification in my navigation in the car for the Speed cameras ...e.g. to hear the beep in advance when I am approaching location of the speed camera.
    thanks a lot for your advice in advance

    with regards

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    Dan Leytham

    I'm using an iPhone 5c, my question is why are some arrival times shown in grey? It's hard to read in good light, but with sunglasses on its impossible to read.

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    richard maxa

    yes I have the kenwood 572bh navigation radio system .. was wondering how to get weather on it and will this offer radar as well .. I do a lot of driving and I liked the radar feature on my old unit that went bad. I have a droid turbo if this feature is only with the wi fi systems let me know so I can exchange for the other system with wifi thank you

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