How do I find and purchase monthly parking?

ParkMe offers information on parking locations throughout the world! That being said, not all of the locations in our system offer prepaid reservable parking. Our website and app work in two main ways. Some parking lots and garages in our system offer prepaid reservations because we work directly with the management companies to provide up-to-date info and reservations. For other locations, we simply provide the rates, hours, location and general facts about the lot without having much communication with the management company. If we don't have a direct relationship with the management companies then we are unable to offer prepaid parking reservations at that location. 

If you are searching for prepaid reservations on the website you'll want to go to In the upper left-hand corner of that web page you'll be able to filter between Daily, Reserve, Street, & Monthly parking. All locations marked with a blue pin on the map represent reservable locations while the other colors represent pricing for locations on a first come, first serve basis. 

All reservable lot pages will have a clear RESERVE button if you do not see the reserve button it's because we don't offer reservations at that location. 

If we don't offer prepaid monthly parking at the location of your choice please contact the parking location directly. If we have the contact information for that location it will be listed under the address on the lot page. 

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